А Comprehensive and Esential Programme for the Capacities for Implementation of the “Youth Guarantee”

“Our project is implementing a capacity building programme, which is comprehensive and esential for implementing the Youth Guarantee scheme for employment and continuous education. For the purposes of the programme, we have conducted а research on the existing capacities. Following the thorough analysis, we are drafting specific measures to improve the capacities of more than 500 employees of the education and employment sectors in the public institutions”.

This was said yesterday during the workshop in Skopje, which was attended by 40 representatives of the public institutions, the regional employment centres and the regional centres for vocational education and training.

The participants had a substantive discussion about the findings, the interpretation of the results and the validation of the proposed activities.

“Youth Guarantee” is an EU scheme for employment, continuous education, apprenticeship or internship for young people up to the age of 29, who are registered as unemployed persons four months after they graduate from school.

Furthermore, the EU will support the budget of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia with the amount of 15 million Euros over a period of three years through direct budget support for the implementation of the reforms in the sector.