Help us to help you!

In order to improve the policies and measures for ensuring success of young people in the labor market in the country, it is necessary to receive continuous feedback from young people on the completion of their education, additional courses or other employment services from the Employment Agency. The former was emphasized during the workshop on collecting, processing and interpreting statistical data on education, relevance of skills and employability.

The SRPC “EU for Youth” has been preparing a so-called Tracer System, which is designed to monitor how successful young people are in their careers. If necessary, it will provide feedback on the situation and potential adaptation of education.

Hence, young people and statisticians were encouraged to be in contact with the authorities and the project representatives, answer the questionnaires and actively participate in the survey that will be available soon. This way, as it was said, young people will embrace and support the positive change for their benefit and the benefit and opportunities for their colleagues.

Therefore, “Help us to help you!”