The story of the Tracer System?

Barry der Menschenretter (meaning people rescuer), or Barry, is the famous dog of the St.Bernard breed, who saved more than 40 lives in the Alps of Switzerland and Italy. The story about Barry is simple but compassionate, humane and caring. When Barry would get the task to find lost mountaineers he would find them, deliver helping supplies and ultimately changed the peoples’ lives. And good dog Barry is not a myth, in fact, Barry lived from 1800 to 1813 and there is an exhibitive section about him in the Natural History Museum of Bern.

Why we are mentioning this story? It is an right parallel for explaining how the Tracer system work. The purpose of our Tracer system is to investigate how successful are graduates in their careers live. The current education system should provide the right and applicable knowledge and skills. Good and quality education and training should equip graduates with knowledge and skills which allow them to find a job – easy and quick.

What is the aim?

The Tracer systems’ task, similarly to the Barrys’ one, is to find out how well the graduates are doing with their knowledge. If for some reason, there is a need to help, the tracer system will find them and provide help through the Youth Guarantee for example. The Tracer System will also provide information to the authorities on how successful is a graduate in the labour market and feedback about the quality of vocational education and training. If you are demanded by companies, if you are valued as well prepared for a job, it’s a sign you received a good education and/or training. If not, something went wrong and we have to investigate what. However, education and/or training present a base for a successful career.

How to: Help us to Help you !

The function of the Tracer system is to collect information about the career, and working life of graduates. The smart and user-friendly application requires easy registration with the provision of some contact data. After registration participant of the tracer is asked to provide information about current working engagement: especially interesting information is her/his job position (if the graduate does not continue in education or is not jobless). This data allows us to assess if provided education/training has really made the graduate ready for a successful career:

  • if the skills profile of performed job is related to the profile of previous education/training;
  • how long it took to find a job;
  • what additional assistance graduate needed to find a job or
  • what additional trainings or internship you need to find a job

It will take only few minutes

In the pilot phase, we are including 3000 graduates and those who finished adult training programs (as job seekers). Entering the required data will take a few minutes twice in a period of 6 months. No hard and no time-consuming work. But providing very fruitful and very helpful data for our effort to improve the quality of vocational education and training for benefit of people.

The Tracer system contributes to the effort to ensure that every graduate gets a job.

Registration is SIMPLE, EASY AND QUICK: Please scan the QR Code.

Every personal data are protected according to legal rules.