What we do

Our technical assistance serves the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science as well Ministry of Labour and Social Policy to implement reforms supported by Sector Reform Performance Contract ‘EU for Youth’. The contract with related documents presents an ‘action plan’ of implementation of defined measures, which finally will contribute to higher youth employment. This goal should be achieved by ‘immediate action’ provided by the Employment Service Agency for young jobseekers as well as by improving the quality of vocational education and training provided by new Regional VET Centres. Additionally, validation of non-formal and informal learning will extend opportunities for people looking for a job to prove their knowledge, skills, and working experience to possible employers by trustworthy certificates.

It’s obvious, that those above-mentioned goals would present a big challenge for any country. The international transfer of knowledge and experiences helps to speed up the process. It allows Macedonian experts in ministries, other national institutions as well as in regions to add their current knowledge and experience with new information and best practices from abroad. Thus, the Macedonian system of education and employment services will not find itself in the position of an experimental lab but may implement proven and successfully tested methods working in many countries.

That’s what we do: our team of international experts transfers foreign good practices. We provide consultations for Macedonian experts and decision-makers presenting how reforms should be implemented, what particular solutions will work, what new methods of counseling, education, and monitoring and evaluation of results will increase the employability of young people in the country.

We provide assistance in process of development of strategies and action plans in a field of education, training and employment in order to develop feasible and realistic documents in which implementation may be measured and evaluated. We hold lectures to present international best practices. We organise workshops to find the best solutions for Macedonian youth through discussions of experts. We deliver trainings to allow your experts/public servants to gain new skills.

Additionally, we strengthentransparent and open communication of national institutions to the public as well as public access to data and information. At the same time, we improve the quality of sectoral dialog through the involvement of non-governmental partners and international donors in policy design, implementation and evaluation. Finally, we assist to prepare a dossier for disbursement request to allow the government of North Macedonia to get money for investment into the modernization of education and training as well as of employment services for jobseekers.